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With the universality of emails in today’s business environments in UK and across the world, and the reach that comes with it, the Emailer has become one of the most important marketing tools that may be employed by a business to promote itself and maintain communication with its clientele.
The term emailer covers any sort of promotional material, like a flyer, brochure or newsletter; which is sent out via email. Emailers may be sent to a very specific customer base which is already familiar with the company or just out to the general public to drum up interest in a new product or service.

The promotional material needs to be designed and edited to fit the accepted email parameters and follow email etiquette very closely. Emails sent in an inacceptable format or ones that are too large may be summarily rejected while, following the wrong practices can result in your campaign being derailed completely and may also have the adverse effect of getting you bad, instead of good, publicity.
It is for this reason that many businesses today look to the professionals to design for them the most effective email campaign possible. In this blog, we, here at, lay out the best design principles and talk about the appropriate rules to be follow when promoting your business via email.

The email inbox is a chaotic place, with tens of emails to sort through, some of them urgent and mandatory, some useful but a lot of them undesired and uninteresting. The accessibility provided by email means pretty much everybody is getting flooded with mailers and a lot of them end up unread, deleted or consigned to the spam folder. So the first thing you need to do with your mailer is grab the readers’ interest long enough for them to open it. A few tricks that can make your Emailer more effective are:

  • Make it clear who the sender is. Put the full company name and make it seem as official as possible. Studies have shown that people are far more likely to open emails that are from a known and trusted source or at least very clear about who they are from.
  • Make the subject line clear and catchy. Tell the reader what to expect in your mailer and get right to the point. Put your biggest selling point in the subject line. If you’re offering a discount on a product, put that in the subject line. If you’ve got an article on an exciting subject, make that clear. This gives the reader an incentive to go through the mailer for more details. When reading through a list of subject lines in their inbox, readers are more likely to click on something that is clear and interesting. As opposed to a subject line that is vague and can seem untrustworthy and even ‘spammy’.
  • Make the design of the mailer clean and uncluttered. This principle is especially important for Emailers. Remember that for your Emailer to be as effective as possible; all the readers’ focus should be on the content. Use the design to lead them to the content and then take a step back. Design something that will translate just as well to a PC or a mobile/tablet platform.
    Put a vibrant, bold banner at the top, with the company logo and headline and then let the content follow. White backgrounds are particularly popular in email design, as they are seen more professional than coloured ones. In terms of appearance, good Emailer design tends to follow minimalist guidelines.
  • Make your intent clear right at the top. Put in an engaging, benefit oriented headline that tells the reader the purpose of the email.
    Give them enough information in the heading so they can make a decision on whether or not to read the rest of it. This gives an air of professionalism to the mailer and helps build the readers’ trust. Readers will always appreciate not having their time wasted and tend to read more emails from people who are direct about their business.
  • Keep most of your important data to the left. Studies have shown that people tend to focus more attention on the left hand side of the page and towards the top, while content that is placed more towards the bottom and right tends to go unread. Use this to maximum effect.
  • If you’re presenting the reader with a few pages of data, e.g. a newsletter, provide an index in the beginning. This index or table of contents should include hotlinks to relevant articles, enabling a reader to proceed straight to that content which is interesting to them, without wading through a lot of stuff they don’t want to read. This improves the overall readability of your Emailer, and is likely to result in repeat opens and click-throughs.
  • Use images and multimedia sparingly and only where absolutely necessary.
    Don’t overload the Emailer with images and videos. Instead, include easy-to-follow links to any heavier content. This keeps the Emailer from having a cluttered appearance, and prevents it from being heavy for the browser to load.
    This last point is especially valid in case of mobile browsers. If your Emailer takes too long to load, it may go unread entirely.
    It is also wise to include an HTML only version, as they are much lighter and easier to load, even with low internet speeds.

    We here at specialise in designing effective email campaigns that guarantee you great deliverability and steady open and click-through rates. If you’re looking for professional and effective Email campaign, please visit us.

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