Give your meetings and presentations the ultimate edge with a well designed PowerPoint!

One of the most useful and frequently implemented software tools in the modern work environment in UK and across Europe is Microsoft PowerPoint. We’ve all seen them, some of them engaging, some of them rather dull, boring and repetitive. But every organisation has them.
PowerPoint presentations  with design ideas that can be an extremely effective information collation & transmission system, oiling the gears of your people-machine and maximising efficiency.

There are several benefits to preparing a great PowerPoint presentation designs.

  • Readability and Engagement:
    Rather than presenting your associates with lengthy and difficult to read blocks of text, which will require reading time and further elaboration, a good PowerPoint design will convey the same information in a point-wise, easy-to-read and concise format.
    The different slide formats, animations and other in-built presentation tools help make that information more focused and digestible.
    A professional PowerPoint design will have a good balance of text boxes; powerpoint backgrounds and info-graphics like charts and tables to present the information being conveyed in well proportioned slices, maximising the audience’s involvement, comprehension and absorption.
    This usually helps engage the audience, increases their involvement, and improves focus and total volume of information absorbed, improving clarity and reducing the need for repetition.
  • Efficiency of communication:
    In corporate communications, it is desirable to stick to the point and only communicate that information which is absolutely essential. In conversation, we are accustomed to using tools such as anecdote and analogy to expand upon a point and better explain it.
    However in corporate situations, where company time and man-hours are at stake, it is necessary to avoid confusion and subjectivity, and stick to basic, crystal clear communication. A well designed PowerPoint can outline and clarify the main facts concerning a project in a direct manner, eliminate all that is not required to be discussed, and minimise obtuse interpersonal considerations/ unnecessary chit-chat.
    A well designed PowerPoint should stay on-point, present information in short, concise units, use info-graphics to illustrate points better and avoid long, rambling sentence structures, which may lose or confuse readers.
  • Optimum time utilization:
    In a corporate environment, time is the most essential commodity. The amount of time expended in meetings and presentations often detracts from productive man-hours, and over the years, minimising these losses has become an integral part of business studies.  A well made PowerPoint presentation can help to minimise this waste by presenting information in a manner that is objective, clear and concise, leaving minimal room for doubt or uncertainty. It may also provide the facility to cross-link different slides and content for easy cross referencing. This reduces the need to flip back and forth through the content to refer to something discussed previously.
    A well made PowerPoint should present information in direct, logical chains with easy-linked references and annotations, making the flow of information as obvious and as accessible as possible.
  • Effective collaboration & transmission of information across all levels:
    One of the biggest advantages of having a well designed PowerPoint presentation is that, it is easily copied and transmitted across all levels of the hierarchy of an organization. It can be sent straight to the inboxes of all who need it, where it is available to be referred to within a few clicks. A clear, well made presentation should make information easy to find and refer to; this makes it easy for those working on a particular project to resolve any queries they might have, without having to send in questions and waiting for a reply.
    A PowerPoint can also be a collaboration tool, worked upon by multiple employees accessing it via e-mail or on a shared server, so that they can input and share data in real time. Thus multiple users can be kept constantly updated on a collaborative project and everyone’s concerns can be addressed.
    A well designed PowerPoint can provide the facility to be accessed and edited by all members of the project who have the appropriate security clearances and help make a project truly collaborative.

In conclusion, a well designed PowerPoint presentation can be an important aid in bringing associates and project members together, efficiently communicating data without confusion and making sure everyone is on the same page; paving the way to a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration. If you need one that is designed professionally and executed with precision, please visit us at

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