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Flyers are a quick, inexpensive and effective way to get people buzzing and drum up the right publicity for your business or event. They are commonly used to promote restaurants, cafes, pubs, nightclubs and small-scale local businesses in UK and across Europe.We’re experts at nightclub flyer designs and have designed flyers for many nightclubs in London,UK. Large businesses may also use flyers to help canvass a specific locality. We, here at, have designed several for local events and fledgling business to help get them off the ground by designing high quality flyers.

A standard flyer is A4- size sheet of cheap paper (A5 or A6 may also be used), which has information printed on one or both of its sides and that is printed and distributed en masse. They are commonly referred to as throwaways, mainly due to fact that most of them are expected to receive only a cursory glance before being disposed of or ignored.  The information presented on a flyer is usually in accordance with this expectation.

Flyers are usually posted on walls and lampposts in areas of high foot traffic, where they’re likely to receive the highest number of passing glances. Or they’re handed out at street corners to people that accept them rather reluctantly, give them a cursory look and then throw them away. Most people will only accept a flyer out of courtesy and will have no intention of reading it. To maximise the impact of the flyer, you need to make sure it is capable of drawing and holding the reader’s attention, so that your information is conveyed properly.

Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of a good flyer design.

  • Readability:
    A flyer design that is difficult to read or has over-complex information may not get people interested. To maximise the odds of people actually reading the content, you need to make the information as direct and as readable as possible. Be concise and use bullet points and/or info graphics to organise the information into small, easy-to-read blocks. List all the positives of your business.
    Your flyer design needs to be as clear and as obvious as possible in what it wants to market. Keep it simple and direct. Direct the customer to your website/ address/telephone no.
    Relating relevant information in a concise and readable manner is a very important skill for any graphic designer.
  • Bold Typography:
    This  ties in to the readability aspect as well when designing a good flyer. Use a catchy heading and put in big, strong lettering at the top. It is absolutely essential for your flyer design to be able to create interest the moment it is glanced at and you only have that moment to make sure your information registers in the readers’ minds. So, it’s best to make your message as obvious as possible.
    All content on the flyer should be in a clean, strong and easy-to-read font. You want your prospective customer to read it with minimum effort and focus.
  • Powerful imagery:
    Remember the old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words? People tend to register and recall images far easier than text. Chances are, apart from a bold heading, any other text on your flyer may not even get read. So, to maximise the communication, use big, bold imagery that relates directly to what you’re selling. Promoting a restaurant? Put in big, bright pictures of delicious looking food. A Nightclub? Show attractive people dancing. This way, without even reading the text, the person will have got the gist of what you’re promoting. Some of the most effective flyers use maximum imagery combined with a bare minimum of text.
  • Make it exciting, engaging and original:
    Whatever your design or schematic, make sure it’s as vibrant, colourful and eye-catching as possible. A dull boring sheet of paper would actually repel people and defeat the purpose of your marketing. People may walk past, ignore and throw away many flyers in a single day. Make sure yours has something different about it.
    Use pleasant complementary colour schemes, create interesting colour-contrasts, and use special effects and graphics like adding flames or a bolts of lightning, or 3D lettering, anything that might make a person want to stare at it a bit longer. The more exciting your flyer design is, the more people are likely to pay attention to it.
    Generating this kind of ‘wow’ factor is essential for a good graphic designer.

If you need a great flyer designed for your business, by experience professionals who know what they’re doing; please visit us at You won’t be disappointed.

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