Give your business that all-important edge with a terrific brochure!

Nearly every business in UK and across Europe that you come across today will have a brochure to advertise its benefits and generate customer attention. Brochure design and printing is a booming business today in London and across UK. Everybody’s looking for the newest, coolest brochure designs for their business in UK and across Europe. 

Taking into account costs associated with the brochure design, graphic design, photography, copy writing and printing, a batch of brochures can turn out to be pretty big investment especially in a city such as London,United Kingdom ! So, what can you do make your brochure stand out from the crowd and ensure a good return on that investment?

Here we talk about what parameters need to be taken into consideration while designing a good brochure.

  • Look at your brochure from the customer’s viewpoint.
    Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What about this business would appeal to you most? What’s the USP? What’s the biggest benefit on offer relative to the competition?
    Why should the customer buy this product? How does it make his life easier, and what need does it fulfil, what problem does it solve? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you narrow down what information is relevant for the brochure and what isn’t.
  • The A-I-D-A schematic.
    AIDA stands for Attention-Interest-Desire-Action. This schematic provides a plan of attack along which an effective brochure may be designed.  It simply states that to be effective your brochure need to first attract the customer’s attention, then generate interest in your service or product, create desire for the service/product and then prescribe the action required to gain access to the service/product. 
  • Make it different from the herd.
    We all know roughly what to expect from a standard brochure design, so we tend to pass over a lot of similar looking ones, unconsciously assuming their content must be equally similar and banal. For this reason it’s crucial that your brochure look different and exciting, especially if you’re going to leave it out for customers to pick up themselves.
    Relevant and appealing graphics, clean & bold lettering, and vibrant colour schemes can all add to the appeal of the brochure immeasurably and make sure it is picked up by as many customers as possible. Fresh vibrant colours tend to attract more customers than dull pastel shades. Learn what colour works with what font. 
  • Use relevant graphics and headings.
    Make sure the graphic on the cover is relevant to the business and appealing to the customer at the same time. Make sure it sells a benefit as directly as possible and has an emotional hook to it. For example, a veterinarian’s brochure that displays a graphic of a happy child playing with his dog is far more likely to be picked up than one that displays said veterinarian standing in front of the office building. People want to know how the service can benefit them, not just what the service is. 
  • Keep the overall design simple, uncluttered and easy to read.
    Readability is of primary importance in a good brochure. Don’t try to use too many different or unique fonts. Just select three commonly used and accepted fonts, for heading, subheading and the main body of the copy respectively. Remember, certain fonts are commonly used because they work well with multiple backgrounds, colour schemes and scales/sizes.
    Summarise relevant information for the customer. List all the benefits offered clearly.
    Use easy-to-read infographics and text boxes rather than long paragraphs.
    Don’t waste time and space giving out details that the customer doesn’t need to know. Focus only on that information which will make a customer want to buy into your product. 
  • Explain how the customer benefits from buying into the product or service.
    People don’t buy into products because of their specifications, they buy into products that they feel will genuinely benefit them, fulfil a need or solve a problem.  Explain what they stand to gain. List all the benefits, front and centre. List all it does for the customer. Remember, ‘Sell, don’t tell’. 
  • Provide a course of action:
    Having roused the customers interest, even desire, you now need to encourage them to take action to gain access to the product or service. Provide the full contact information and website and encourage the customer to call/email right away. Provide a strong incentive to action as quickly as possible. Common incentives offered are time-bound discounts/gifts or alternatively a scarcity or unavailability at a later date. Some even offer a discount/gift redeemable only on presentation of the brochure or entering a code on the brochure on the website.

Such simple tips and tricks can make all the difference when it comes to maximising response and making good on your marketing investment. If you need a stunning and effective brochure designed for your business please visit us at We create brochures that convert. We bring vast experience to the table as well as a roster of experienced designers that understand your audience and we tailor our design approach to one that will fit your content as well as the audience.

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